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The science of metaphysics, astrology
  reveals the earth spirit, the physical form of all things,
  wholly dependent upon the higher spirits.
The four spirits of earth and water, air and fire
  exist in all creation in the most sublime harmony,
  the most complete integration.
These four reveal themselves in the physical world
  as solids, liquids, gases and fire,
  intricately linked in everything.
At a higher physical level,
  we see these four order the increasingly subtle stories of
  the speculative strings
  within the incredible quarks,
  within the dazzling electrons,
  within the invisible atom.
Everything conceals these four levels, united
  by the essence of each, the element of space,
  reflecting the great cosmos.
The transcendent spirit of the plenum-void,
  all-embracing emptiness,
  is the ultimate creative source
  and the quintessence of all things.
Physically and metaphysically.
The appearance of matter from the void
  and the disappearance of matter into the void,
  this is natural.

 Behold the glory of God