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Does God Exist ? - The Divine Spirit, 96% Proof

Evolution : Darwinism versus Creationism

Towards a Metaphysical Unified Field Theory of Everything  (A Survey of Spiritual Phenomena)

Ancient Astrology and Modern Science :
The Spirit and Modern Physics

Darwinism Embraces Creationism

This discussion follows on from the debate between Creation and Evolution to consider in more detail the gulf between modern science and the world of the spirit.  Recognising where the pronouncements of modern science go beyond knowledge and become dogma and prejudice. Recognising where religion, Christianity in particular, has reacted to fundamentalist science with its own narrow dogmatism.  

Finally we will attempt the middle ground between these entrenched positions, building bridges in a spirit of compromise.   Not diplomatic compromise for its own sake.  The middle ground, on both sides at once, is usually where truth can be found. 

Science properly means ‘knowledge’.  The ancient, vital science of astrology and metaphysics is the oldest, original science.   This page proposes the knowledge of the higher energies, dimensions or spirits within physical matter can marry happily and productively with the latest revelations and speculations of modern sub-atomic physics.  

We discover this most unexpected alliance between bitter rivals, like the star-crossed marriage of Romeo and Juliet, is truly made in Heaven.  The latest theology.   In this union true science, true knowledge, transcends the age-old conflict between spirituality and materialism to bring us a new vision of the universal Spirit, God, Brahman, directing Creation through the miracle of infinitely subtle physical laws.  Physical laws no less binding, no less omniscient, than the iron laws of good and evil.  Both framed to make us better people, to bring us closer to our Creator, closer to our true Selves.


Embracing this natural and spiritual evolution we may yet find fault with so-called Darwinism, hail the Creator yet contest Creationism.  Charles Darwin, after all, remained a Christian and considered his Theory incomplete, requiring further development.  When we recognise the Spirit directing our development from within and from above, we can complete the Theory of Evolution.


Astrology and Science - Eminent Testimony

In a great debate in the 1920s Einstein expressed his objection to the emerging uncertainties in quantum physics with the famous comment, ‘God does not play dice.’   This is doubly remarkable.    At once he affirmed both his belief in a presiding deity, a dimension beyond the physical world, and in the equally traditional belief in fate, destiny, a world determined by a higher power.  The province of astrology as well as religion.  Implicitly also rejecting the classical Darwinist belief in blind chance.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />


It might be thought Einstein conceived of God as some ultimate expression of the wonderland of sub-atomic physics.  In fact he was prepared to recognise higher forces beyond physics.  Yet Einstein, quite naturally, seems to have believed these higher dimensions were completely separate from the physical realm.  It is unlikely he ever considered they might be vital to completing the ‘Unified Theory of Everything’ he worked on for so long.  The idea modern material science can encompass the spiritual realm is virtually unthinkable in our present climate.


If modern science treated its venerable elder brother, metaphysics, the science of the spirits, with more respect, things could have been different and the world a better place.  We shall suggest below the higher dimensions of metaphysics are essential to completing the elusive equations of the physicists.  Metaphysics reveals the physical element is inextricably, seamlessly integrated with the higher ‘spiritual’ elements in its comprehensive scheme of reality.


God could not realistically operate in our world, in our lives, in the way familiar to so many, if His/Her Spirit were completely separate.  Astrology likewise.   And we shall find modern physics desperately needs these higher dimensions to explain the ultimate mysteries of the sub-atomic world.


Ludicrous nonsense ?   

Isaac Newton, generally agreed to be the greatest scientist before Einstein, also believed passionately in God and risked his career at Cambridge because he could not accept the peculiar proposition of the Trinity, convinced there could sensibly be only one sole God.  A dangerously heretical position.  Which, with the benefit of the astrology of the Tree of Life, we can now see to be basically correct.  One Sun, one God, one universal Spirit.  Plus some.  Considerably the largest part of Newton’s library at his death was books on theology (27%); then books on alchemy (10%), which is closely allied to metaphysics.  Physics and astronomy formed almost insignificant sections (3 & 2%).  His biographers testify this roughly reflects the proportion of his time which he actually spent on these subjects. 


However, Newton’s much-quoted defence of astrology does seem to be apocryphal.   His withering riposte, ‘The difference between you and I, Sir, is that I have studied it and you have not,’ perhaps related to theology rather than astrology, still makes a forceful point. The succinct inability to ‘suffer fools gladly.’ Astrology’s critics are not those who have taken time to study it properly, on its own terms, if at all. 


Curiously Newton’s initial interest in cosmology was inspired by a book on astrology.  It dealt with predictive astrology, a notoriously difficult and oft-abused area, and probably fully justified his comment he was ‘soon convinced of the vanity and emptiness of the pretended science of judicial astrology.’  During Newton’s lifetime, however, the famous astrologer, William Lilly, was actually tried (and acquitted) by Parliament for starting the Fire of London because he had predicted it fourteen years earlier.  After his death astrology’s zodiac Signs prominently adorned Newton’s tomb in London’s famous Westminster Abbey. 


C.G. Jung, once Freud’s anointed heir and another pre-eminent scientific pioneer of the twentieth century, has also endorsed astrology in the strongest terms :


‘Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.’


Jung devoted some of his most renowned writings to the study of alchemy.  For Jung alchemy was a rich mine of metaphysical, spiritual psychology, a field closely allied to astrology.  The quotation above indirectly acknowledges Jung’s personal debt to astrology.   He evidently derived the centrepiece of his psychology, the theory of the four psychological types, or functions, directly from astrology.  Jung’s ‘sense, thinking, intuition and feeling,’ translate the psychological experience of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water.  His ‘transcendent function’ is a revealing translation of the unconscious Spirit of the Sun within every heart.


Working in the field of spiritual psychology, Jung is probably the scientist best qualified to judge astrology’s validity and he admits to using it extensively in his theoretical and practical work, often using a horoscope to elucidate a particularly difficult analysis.


We should not be surprised he did not endorse it in more forthright terms.  In the prevailing climate, with his own work by no means universally accepted, an unequivocal statement could have threatened his own position.  Freud was particularly worried how Jung’s interest in astrology would affect his reputation and there is little doubt Jung was well aware of this dangerous prejudice within the scientific community and in the wider intellectual world.  Instead he felt more comfortable writing at length on alchemy which he referred to as ‘astrology’s younger sister.’


Jung never concerned himself with how astrology worked, any more than he did with how religion worked.  He recognised the powerful forces at work and was brave enough to stand against the tide of fashionable ridicule.  Empirical exploration is always wiser in science than deductive dismissal : just test whether it does work rather than insisting it can’t possibly, because we’ve no idea how.  A deductive dismissal presumes absolute knowledge, a tempting, dangerous premise.


It should probably be acknowledged this prejudice is not entirely unfounded.  Astrology from biblical times to the present day has always been open to abuse, just as religion and even science are in different ways, by those who want to use them for their own vanities.  There will always be spurious astrology, spurious religion and spurious science.


There is every evidence astrology is used quite extensively and seriously in our modern world besides its undoubtedly more frivolous application, although there may be legitimate questions about its use even in high finance and the White House of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.   Donald Regan, Treasury Secretary and Chief of Staff in Reagan’s administration, was no fan of astrology’s influence on the First Lady but still observed, ‘It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.’   Possibly they are following the boast of the great turn-of-the century financier J.P. Morgan, ‘Millionaires don't have astrologers, billionaires do.’

Modern Science and the Higher Dimensions 

When I asked Prof. Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton’s heir as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, whether he believed there was any possibility of a spiritual dimension beyond the infinite subtleties of sub-atomic physics, he replied that he didn’t like to look into these areas, comparing them to ‘soup’ or ‘porridge.’  He preferred ‘everything to be crystal clear.’ (Freud talked even more emotively about the ‘black tide of the occult.’) This is a long way from any confidence from a top physicist the spiritual realm doesn’t exist.  Rather, ‘It may be there but I don’t want to know, thank you.’   Yet twenty years ago Prof. Hawking boldly predicted physicists were ready to read the mind of God.  Apart from the ‘porridge,’ presumably.

This candid response probably sums up a large part of the prejudice against recognising spiritual realities, astrology and religion, among scientists.   Of course there are also the ‘It’s ridiculous !’ brigade but anyone who has given it a little serious thought wont be so sure.


Investigation of the sub-atomic level has produced an extraordinary vision of reality in which even comparatively simple particles like an electron actually defy definition except as ‘an event in relation to the whole universe.’**  Sounds quite cosmic, almost astrological !


The latest ideas on the nature of ultimate physical reality are far more extraordinary still and yet are beginning to receive respectable acceptance within the scientific community.  Others are not convinced.  These theories certainly make astrology sound down-to-earth and simple by comparison but one begins to wonder whether the physicists aren’t driving themselves a little mad in their determination to explain everything without including the dreaded ‘s’ word : spirit.  They even suspect it themselves.


We also find the great truths of modern science, theories of the nature of matter, have for years been based on unproven ‘faith.’  Ultimately not knowledge, not science …. faith !  Not too different from the basis of religion except it is a faith in something more fashionable.  Physicists will deny this fiercely, no doubt, especially any role for their own human nature ― just like the dogmatic, science-denying priests before them would say it was all God’s Will, nothing to do with their own interests.  One top physicist we’ll meet below, Michael Duff, candidly admits :Physics tends to be dictated by fad and fashion.  There are the gurus who dictate the direction in which new ideas grow.”   Or, in the case of anything metaphysical, spiritual, the direction in which ideas don’t grow, don’t go.


Metaphysics Within Modern Science : Towards a Metaphysical Unified Field Theory of Everything


The extraordinary revelations of sub-atomic physics have forced modern science to come to terms with some extremely challenging facts.  We have seen how physics seems to be approaching, however reluctantly, a realisation matter is ultimately so subtle, so insubstantial, it could be recognised in spiritual terms, as a spirit.  The distinction between solid matter and ethereal spirit has vanished with particles appearing from and disappearing back into the empty void.  One of the most significant discoveries of modern physics is this recognition of ‘empty space’ or the ‘physical vacuum’ as a highly charged, dynamic field of energy, ‘pulsating in endless rhythms of creation and destruction,’** ‘containing the potentiality for all forms of the particle world.’**


This realisation could prepare the way for physics to acknowledge the rest of the family of spirits ― the grubby, tough, immature, rude earth spirit, physical commonsense, growing up fast into an exquisite princess, ready to communicate with her more refined sister, the water spirit, her energetic but sophisticated brothers, the princely air and fire spirits (feeling, thought and intuition not necessarily dependent on the dubious tyranny of ‘material facts.’)  This dazzling debutante might even soon prove ready to receive the counsel of the holy ethereal itself, the spiritual whisperings of our hearts. 


We shall suggest below modern physics may benefit from a recognition of ancient metaphysics in solving the perplexing quandaries quantum physics and relativity theory have thrown up.  Metaphysics insists ‘As above, so below.’  This promises the patterns of the planets, the Tree of Life, within every breast, leaf, stone and sacred crumb.  It also assures the ascending subtleties, the five-fold order of the elements, at every level, not least within this material or earth spirit, so-called solid matter.  This promises to define the patterns of the quantum levels of sub-atomic physics but even more importantly, to ‘fill in the gaps’ which will unite these two theories of the microcosmic and macro cosmology and solve many other mysteries such as gravity, as we shall explore further.


The lovely Chinese illustration of these five spirits in TAO SPIRITS (reproduced below) shows the simple and infinitely complex pattern as it has been defined in metaphysics, from Kabbalistic Cordoba to cosmopolitan Cochin and distant Canton.  The five are like a set of Russian dolls, the four subtler spirits harboured, one within another, within the physical spirit of our bodies and then the full five within each of these. 


We can see this characteristic pattern of ascending levels within different spheres of our familiar world, in physiology, modern physics and psychology.  And it is not impossible to recognise these spheres as themselves part of the metaphysical order.  This pattern is also a model to grasp, recognise and analyse the ‘whatever’ spiritual order.  Yet its principle value must be to help us appreciate the spiritual order includes everything in Creation, not least the physical order, the physical spirit.


This recognition might suggest the beginnings of a ‘Unified Field Theory of Metaphysics,’ not supported by a complex mathematics (which is already discovering its limits within physics) so much as a clarity in defining the nature of things and their relationships and hierarchies in terms of the elements.  However, the insight this provides into the order of things might well be of interest to both mathematics and physics.


We all know the Inuit (Eskimos) have numerous words for ‘snow’ because it is so important to them, their lives depend on this scientific precision.  Our lives depend on the balance of the spirits within but these are subtler than various kinds of snow and we have not developed a science to explore these different levels, much less the language to recognise them. 


I shall tentatively attempt a preliminary draft of the beginnings of such a theory, to give an example of the structure involved, rather than to attempt to establish any definitive designations.  We are hardly qualified to venture this metaphysical, spiritual realm with any confidence.  It cannot be over-emphasised what ignorant strangers we are in this territory, for all that it is our birthright.  Our birthright is a kingdom of undreamt treasures which we trample through like dumb beasts with no language to recognise what we see, hear and feel but the contempt of pillaging barbarians for the glorious ‘spiritual world’ we are macho-proud to rape, plunder and despise, to further our own culture of arrogant materialism, hollow promises and looming catastrophe.


One can hardly mention the world ‘spiritual’ in normal ‘rational society’ these days, a degree of philistinism the true Philistines would find unthinkable.   Yet it is more serious than these terms imply.  It signifies a presiding ignorance and hostility to the spiritual facts of life, no less dangerous than a similar ignorance and hostility to the physical facts of life would be : it has gone on so long our survival as a species is in doubt.


We do not know ourselves, we do not recognise we need this spiritual oxygen for our spirits to breathe and we are dying in the intoxicating but polluted, suffocating air of materialism.  This ignorance is at its most dangerous when overweening materialists occupy the territory of religion and are able to claim its legitimacy and righteousness and no one can contradict them.  This is the way the world is going, on all sides and it is desperately wrong.


This theory is not to be compared too closely with the very serious search of modern science for a physical theory of everything, an attempt to understand the ultimate nature of matter and the mechanics of the universe.  That is a highly complex search for an understanding which will unite the Theory of Relativity which has had such impressive success in describing the operation of matter on the macrocosmic scale and Quantum Mechanics which has proved a brilliant recognition of physical laws on the microcosmic scale of sub-atomic physics.


The proposal of a Metaphysical Field Theory of Everything is merely an amateurish game, a mere bagatelle which attempts to make a virtue of its uncertainties and confusions.  Yet it fondly embraces both the macrocosmic cosmology of the solar system and the microcosmic wonder of sub-atomic physics in a comprehensive recognition of the infinite spectrum of existence, of being, far beyond the limits of mere physical dimensions.  This metaphysical proposition dances with the nimbleness and confidence of the pierrot ballet dancer into parallel dimensions while in desperation modern physicists are beginning to conjure chimeras of these multiplying worlds to understand the sources and science of matter.


We shall return again to this question of metaphysics in relation to the parallel dimensions now being proposed by modern physicists.   At present we need merely suggest the obvious.  The ancient science of metaphysics, empirically demonstrated by astrology, recognises the physical order of matter as the ‘earth’ spirit, the base level, in a fully integrated spectrum of spiritual reality in which every level is entirely dependent on the others and cannot be isolated or treated as a self-sufficient, independently arising phenomenon.  Here we have parallel dimensions which have been recognised by the wise throughout human history and form the basis for a practical, popular and sophisticated science of life.


If physics wants to pursue its search for a unified field theory which will unite the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, it will have to take these higher metaphysical dimensions into account.  It will have to accept the ultimate heresy of recognising non-material levels of energy, the spiritual, metaphysical energy, on which all matter ultimately depends.  And it will have to recognise the urgent imperative for a spiritual dimension in every life as the price to buy the time to complete its search.  For without this general recognition humanity will simply give up the ghost, for the game will not seem worth the candle. 


This childish game of ‘name the next level’ is much closer to the truth than the august theories of physics can ever be and it offers humanity life rather than the sterile deadly gambles into which the pursuit of a physical utopia has already seduced us far too far.  Life is not the narrow, grim competition we have chosen to make it but a game and an uncertain hotchpotch of the spirits and in this lies weal and wealth beyond telling.  The serious searching of a blindly physical calculation can only fall hopelessly short and lead to a dead end, away from life and hope and the future.  This is the immemorial truth and the jest of ancient wisdom which smiles inscrutable at its mockers and murderers.  Unrelieved gravity has always failed to convince.


The full text of Towards a Metaphysical Field Theory of Everything can be found with this link. 

The Tao of Physics ?
Thirty years ago Fritjof Capra wrote his seminal book, The Tao of Physics.**    The Tao of Physics expanded on the recognition by leading physicists, such as Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, of the remarkable parallels between the new sub-atomic quantum physics and spiritual, particularly eastern, philosophies.

This was fascinating, invaluable and ground-breaking, popularising the new physics and alongside it, the ancient wisdom of the east but dramatically drawing attention to the close similarities between the two.  Essentially demonstrating the metaphysical, spiritual qualities of sub-atomic physics.  This could have led to revolutionary conclusions but has not exerted anything like the seismic influence it might have enjoyed.  These conclusions have led to no great reconciliation between our ancient spiritual and modern scientific disciplines.  ‘Why ?’ is a good question.


It is partly because in a vital sense these parallels were disingenuous and misleading and an unscientific fudge.  The inevitable implication was, ‘Modern physics is discovering the ultimate truths on which these great spiritual traditions are based.’  Although he was careful never to make this claim, equally Capra never disavowed this notion and his thesis has certainly been widely understood in this way.


Essentially he appeared to be claiming the territory of the spirit for physics, for the wonder of the material world.  What he signally fails to do is to make a clear distinction and acknowledge these spiritual realms, dimensions, in their own right as something quite beyond the material world.  Fritjof Capra simply fails to recognise the spirit within, which is the centrepiece of these faiths, these philosophies and recognise it definitively goes beyond anything in the realm of matter.  


Such a recognition would have gone a long way to pointing the need for bridges between the physical and the metaphysical or spiritual.  Essentially physics does demonstrate these spiritual parallels and as such we can recognise its spiritual nature which enables us to think of it in the same terms as the higher spirits of metaphysics, in the same spectrum as our truly spiritual natures.  Paving the way for spirituality to reclaim and embrace this alienated territory of matter and our physical natures but much more importantly, for modern science to recognise the reality of the spirit, the validity of this world it has denied for so long. 


Yet there is a deep sink of difference between a) modern science acknowledging and respecting the independent integrity of the spiritual world beyond physical matter but recognising it is a world with which modern physics shares promising parallels and b) modern physics acknowledging the spiritual world as nothing but the higher side of quantum physics.  The one acknowledges God, the other is essentially atheist, materialistic.


Why is Fritjof Capra unable to make this clear distinction, to honour and respect in its own right the venerable and vital spiritual world to which his work owes so much ?  We might conclude the prevailing intellectual climate around modern science makes it impossible for him to do this.  One rather suspects this climate even prevented him from seriously entertaining this idea in his own mind. 


It is revealing to see however close modern science comes to the spiritual world, it can see nothing but physical facts.  If a phenomenon will translate into material terms, well and good.   If not, it simply isn’t there.  Modern science absolutely cannot accept the reality of the spirit, the reality of religion, astrology and all that ‘spiritual hogwash’ it has denied blind for so long.  A familiar psychological phenomenon, dogmatism, but still …..


Some might even feel, with the current attitude of the scientific community, Capra’s silence is tantamount to betraying these faiths ― with a kiss.  Misrepresenting their proud birthright to translate them as mere materialist mysticism, faiths founded on the facts of physics.  But where would Christianity be without Judas ?!   We shall find in the end Capra has, perhaps inadvertently, made a priceless contribution towards restoring these great traditions to their rightful recognition and a greater glory than ever.

Dogma and objectivity
Physicists have already had to overturn one of the most cherished principles of modern science : the observer’s total objectivity and separation from whatever he is observing.  When sub-atomic particles can only be defined as ‘an event in relation to the universal web,’* they have had to recognise the observer is very much involved.  What one finds depends on what one is looking for.


We shall have to wait and see whether modern science might expand this realisation to recognise the very human role, the psychology, which is critical in determining the direction and values of science.

Naturally on the larger scale we are even less neutral factors.  Modern science will have to recognise it is unrealistic, unscientific, to claim impartiality and objectivity in its directions and operations.  This is a transparent sham which no one outside the circle of vested interests respects.


M Theory ― Marvellous Madness ?

Now modern science has got a new great Theory, rather more fantastic than ever.  It seems to add up mathematically but does it make any real sense ?  M-theory envisages the underlying power of the universe as a great stretched membrane which vibrates like the string of an instrument, producing different notes, accompanied by endless little strings which also vibrate.  The different ‘notes’ are what we recognise as matter.  2,500 years ago Pythagoras believed all nature was ruled by mathematics and mathematics was closely allied to music.  So far, so good, perhaps.


It is better to quote the top experts and originators of M-theory on a 2002 BBC TV documentary Parallel Universes because any attempt to describe or comment on the more ambitious reaches of this theory would not sound credible. ― What we begin with sounds very close to a recognition of the familiar spiritual dimension, familiar to millions over the millennia but resolutely denied by modern science for the last century or so.  Unfortunately the plot quickly veers off into much more fantastic realms.  (Emphasis added- ed.)  A full transcript is available @


“Narrator : For almost a hundred years science has been haunted by a dark secret: that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses. Mystics had long claimed there were such places. They were, they said, full of ghosts and spirits. The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such superstition, but ever since the 1920s physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery. When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons they found it was utterly impossible. They had no single location.


Alan Guth: “When one studies the properties of atoms one found that the reality is far stranger than anybody would have invented in the form of fiction. Particles really do have the possibility of, in some sense, being in more than one place at one time.


Narr. : “The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles don't just exist in our Universe. They flit into existence in other universes, too and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes, all of them slightly different.  In effect, there's a parallel universe in which Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo.


Narr. : “For years it had been an article of faith that all the matter in the Universe was made of tiny, invisible particles.  Now suddenly the particle physicists discovered they'd been studying the wrong thing. The particles were really tiny, invisible strings. The theory was called String Theory and it maintained that matter emanated from these tiny strings like music…..


Narr. : “The tiny invisible strings of String Theory were supposed to be the fundamental building blocks of all the matter in the Universe, but, (as the theory developed) they changed.  They stretched and they combined.  The astonishing conclusion was that all the matter in the Universe was connected to one vast structure: a membrane.  In effect our entire Universe is a membrane. The quest to explain everything in the Universe could begin again and at its heart would be this new theory.  It was dubbed Membrane Theory, or M Theory …


Narr. “But so enigmatic and profound did the idea seem that some thought M should stand for other things.


Michael Duff: “Where M stands for magic, mystery or membrane.


Paul Steinhardt: “Physicists get kind of dreamy-eyed when they talk about M Theory.


Michio Kaku: “Maybe M stands for mother, the mother of all strings. Maybe it's magic.  Maybe it's the majesty, the majesty of a comprehensive theory of the Universe.


Neil Turok (Cambridge University): “Magical mystery, madness.”


(Ed. : M Theory requires not the four dimensions of Einstein’s space-time in Relativity Theory but ELEVEN different, parallel dimensions. And parallel dimensions imply parallel universes, an idea which was anathema to the scientists just a few years earlier.  Understandably. It’s a bit weird.)


Narr. : “It quickly became clear it (the eleventh dimension) was a place where all the normal rules of common-sense have been abandoned.


M.D. : “This eleventh dimension not only had the membrane which was the bubble-like or sheet-like object, but it had a whole wealth of different branes of varying dimensions, unfortunately called pea branes.


Narr. : “Each of these membranes was a possible other universe. M Theory had unwittingly made the idea of parallel universes respectable again… Suddenly physicists all over the world piled into the eleventh dimension trying to solve age-old problems and every time it seemed the perfect explanation was another parallel universe.  Everywhere they looked it seemed they began to find more and more of them.  From every corner of the eleventh dimension parallel universes came crawling out of the woodwork.


M.K. : “The latest understanding of the multiverse is that there could be an infinite number of universes each with a different law of physics.  Big Bangs probably take place all the time. Our Universe co-exists with other membranes, other universes which are also in the process of expansion. Our Universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of other bubbles.


 “We believe that a multiverse of universes exist like bubbles floating in Nothing. Each bubble forms as a quantum fluctuation in Nothing. We feel that as this bubble forms its matter is dominated by strings and membranes which create musical notes which we see as particles of the universe.


“Water boils and a tiny fluctuation occurs in water. Similarly, universes may be created all the time, even as we speak, due to fluctuation in Nothing.  In other words, universes maybe for free and Big Bangs, happen all the time like in boiling water.”


And if that doesn’t sound unusually ludicrous, this certainly does :


A.G. : “I in fact have worked with several other people for some period of time on the question of whether or not it's in principle possible to create a new universe in the laboratory.  Whether or not it really works we don't know for sure. It looks like it probably would work. It's actually safe to create a universe in your basement. It would not displace the universe around it even though it would grow tremendously. It would actually create its own space as it grows and in fact in a very short fraction of a second it would splice itself off completely from our Universe and evolve as an isolated closed universe growing to cosmic proportions without displacing any of the territory that we currently lay claim to.”


(Ed. : It sounds like a close approach to recognising all these universes as really no more than creations of our minds, with no corporeal substance, the stuff of dreams.  A very venerable philosophical idea both in eastern and western philosophy.  Or the Egyptian idea of death as 'Awakening into Day', physical life as a dream. 


Superstring theory is essentially M-theory and it’s all completely hypothetical, unproven.)


M.K. : The direct proof of superstring theory may lie far in the future.  However, indirect measurements may come fairly soon … we hope to find echoes from the tenth dimension.


M D : The other universes are parallel to ours and may be quite close to ours, but of which we'd never be aware. They may be completely different with completely different laws of nature operating.


Colour Prejudice

Modern science is spending a precious fortune and wasting some of our best brains trying to solve the jigsaw puzzle of our world with only one fifth of the pieces.  Modern science doesn’t like blue pieces so the sky and the ocean and a lot more besides have been thrown away.  And the yellow pieces and the red and the gold.  Modern science only likes green pieces.  The physical, material level in metaphysics : the ‘earth’.  No water, no air, no fire, no ethereal spirit.  No higher ideas.


Just like the humbug Wizard of Oz with his fake Emerald City, created by forcing everyone to wear green spectacles.  Physicists try to make us all believe there is only a physical reality, the ‘earth’ spirit, the green element.  Driven to despair, they’re finally allowing their fertile (fevered ?) imaginations to fill in the vast blanks.


Can young physics ever recognise its elder brother, metaphysics, and discover their common ground ?   Compare the hugely speculative hypothesis of M-theory with the ancient, tried and tested true science, true knowledge, of metaphysics. The elements or so called ‘spirits’ of water, air, fire and the ether are really parallel higher dimensions ‘quite close to ours, but of which we'd never be aware. They may be completely different with completely different laws of nature operating.’  (M.D. above)


These parallel metaphysical, spiritual realms seem to be remarkably similar to the extra dimensions physicists are contemplating.   They are not the same but they do offer very similar opportunities to solve some of the intractable quandaries physics has faced in trying to make sense of our extraordinarily wonder-filled world.  To put it gently, there must be every likelihood these are at least some of the extra dimensions or parallel universes which make the physicists’ maths suddenly come out all right.


The great advantage which these ‘spiritual’ dimensions have over their super-modern counterparts is we have been seeing evidence of their existence for thousands of years and continue to do so on a daily basis.  They do exist.  We know they are inextricably part of the pattern of physical reality.


Their great disadvantage is physicists are dead set against recognising what they have adamantly denied for so long.  Deep, deep, miles deep in denial.  We all know how impossible it can be to break through simple personal denial; there is always a huge investment behind this refusal.  This denial is profoundly institutional.  Modern science is instinctively defending itself against the threat of a tsunami of re-evaluation, an inundation of new knowledge like a tidal wave : a few new universes which have been tugging at its elbow, a few new worlds whispering within every heart.  This is the great ocean modern science has so long maintained its dykes against, only to be told it will richly fertilise their barren land, it is the river of the water of life.


It’s hard enough admitting they were way wrong within their own field, tearing up years of work.  It is quite another embracing their inveterate enemies : spiritualists, religion and all the other weirdoes who many physicists regard with incredulity and open contempt ― Life after death, astral travelling, psychic powers, the Second Coming, Good God !!  Inconceivable.


The great disadvantage of the physicists’ own scheme is it has been calculated on a false premise, in error.   Physicists simply ignore vital, non-physical facts about our world : the fact these spiritual dimensions do integrate with and affect the physical dimensions ― as astrology and the whole range of spiritual phenomena demonstrate quite clearly, not for most scientists but for those with eyes to see.  Modern physicists cannot make sense like this, however clever they are.  Inevitably they end up creating a model which is an inferior, man-made conceit instead of recognising what really exists, under our noses.   And they spend a great deal of time and money doing it.


In the thirteenth century Ptolemy’s fantastically complicated system of celestial spheres was explained to Alphonso the Wise, King of Spain.  This system was invented to explain the orbits of the planets, including the Sun, around the stationary Earth.  This venerable model had been accepted for over a thousand years and the Church would later burn men at the stake for questioning its validity.  The king responded, “If the Almighty had consulted me before embarking on Creation, I should have recommended something simpler.”   20th century philosopher, Arthur Koestler observed, ‘There is something profoundly distasteful about Ptolemy’s universe.’   If it smells crazy, it probably is.


We might find the Almighty has also produced something simpler and much more to our taste than the mind-boggling nonsense of M Theory and the Eleventh Dimension.  Like Ptolemy’s system, M Theory is based on a dogma, ignoring uncomfortable facts.


Some might compare modern physics’ M Theory to trying to reinvent a mode of locomotion while allergic to circles.  Anything but the wheel !  Anything but the ‘S’ word.  You may get overtaken by those less prejudiced.


It’s rather as if a modern astrologer were to say, ‘Hey, if the planets rule our lives, we should recognise them as our gods !’   He then proceeds to try to invent a brilliant, new, ultra-modern, new age, twenty-first century religion of planetary gods for us all to worship ― ignorant of the astrological tradition of the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, and the fact wise men have been developing and perfecting exactly that over the last few thousand years.


It’s going to be a pretty fantastic, poor job and is going to take an awful lot of thought and effort.  While all the time decrying these awful, old-fashioned religions so many people believe in which don’t recognise the only true gods are the divine Spirits of the planets.  And patronising the crude attempts at planetary religions by the Greeks and Romans etc who didn’t really understand things nearly as well as we do now !


We can say of M Theory it is the closest approach yet to recognising the parallel dimensions which religion, astrology and metaphysics have celebrated and worked with for the last several millennia.  If we could actually clinch that gap, that would be progress indeed and worth all this expensive effort. 


M Theory affords many useful glimpses into this esoteric world of ultimate, sub-atomic physics, not least the huge uncertainties modern science is having to grapple with.


Another is the exciting insight into the unlimited potential of the void.  Whole universes can emerge from Nothing ?  We’ll see.  Certainly the realisation matter can emerge from an apparent emptiness is something metaphysics could have predicted … if anyone had been interested.  This recognition provides a direct parallel on the physical level of the metaphysical fifth element, the ultimate quintessence, more-or-less the Spirit of God.  The plenum-void as Buddhists call it.  The ether from which comes everything, only to return again eventually.  ‘As above, so below,’ is the mantra of metaphysics : the physical in the image of God.


Solving More Riddles ?

It is perhaps worth exploring this ultimate reality of modern science a little further as the most likely interface between the physical and metaphysical, spiritual worlds.   Another celebrated enigma in sub-atomic physics seems to point to forces beyond the range of physics, forces which embrace the sub-atomic matrix in a web of connections not entirely alien to the concept of parallel dimensions. The account below paraphrases Fritjof Capra’s presentation in The Tao of Physics of David Bohm’s paper.


A pair of electrons may be recognised to have a combined ‘spin’ of zero.  This means their individual spins cancel each other out.   These spins remain more than unknown, actually mere potential, until they are measured.  It caused Einstein some consternation to find a classic (EPR) experiment demonstrated whenever you determine the spin of one by measuring it, you simultaneously determine the spin of the other.  From being an indeterminate potential, it immediately becomes definitely the opposite of what the other spin has been measured as.  It is essential to this experiment this is true even if these two twin electrons have been separated by, say, the distance between Earth and the Moon.   Einstein could not accept these two electrons could affect each other instantly as the experiment proved.  Even light could not travel so fast between them and there was no question of any physical force being involved.


The great theoretical physicist Neils Bohr insisted there was no need for the two electrons to send any conventional signal to one another because “the universe is fundamentally interconnected, interdependent and inseparable.”   Physicists are content to accept this principle and go no further, to tiptoe away at this point.  To explore further would be to go beyond the bounds, beyond the physical, beyond physics, beyond modern science.


Clearly, if the universe is ‘fundamentally interconnected, interdependent and inseparable,’ beyond known physical forces, something, some higher force, is connecting it, holding it together.  Perhaps it’s the Tenth Dimension.  Metaphysics would suggest to modern science ‘There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,’ as Shakespeare’s Hamlet put it.  Metaphysics knows the universe is ‘fundamentally interconnected, interdependent and inseparable,’ because it is pervaded by the Universal Spirit; it is One in the Spirit of Brahman; or All in the Hand of God.   These are not impenetrable, vague, meaningless mysteries but highly defined metaphysical states recognised by the oldest knowledge, the oldest, empirical science of our civilisation.  The spiritual facts of our lives.


We get the same answer to another mystery of modern science if we return to the BBC documentary on M Theory where the candid Dr Michio Kaku gave an interesting response to an enquirer who asked about telepathy. 


M K : “At the present time, physicists believe that consciousness is confined to the human brain so telepathy between universes may not be possible. However, the problem of consciousness in a quantum-theory is still an unresolved problem. M-Theory is still a quantum-theory.”


Dr Kaku recognises physics does not have all the answers ‘at present,’ especially when it comes to the subtleties of human consciousness.  This is where, as C.G. Jung confirms, the spiritual and psychological science of astrology comes into its own.


Human consciousness goes beyond the realm of any physical forces, even the tremendous complexities of quantum theory.   This has been proved repeatedly by the phenomenon of out-of-body experiences.    Observations have been recalled from near death experiences which have been verified by independent witnesses and could only have been experienced apart from physical consciousness. There is also a wide range of other familiar paranormal phenomena, including telepathy, which have been established beyond reasonable doubt.  Except for those whose lives depend on that doubt.


These experiences demonstrate whatever physical, electro-magnetic energies are involved in the brain, human consciousness can transcend physical forces and operate by higher energies, commonly known as spiritual forces.  One day perhaps we will develop the science of metaphysics to define these energies much more precisely rather than relying on this vague catch-all definition of ‘spiritual.’

A definition which gives so many almost an allergic reaction, for all sorts of reasons.


Finally we might consider homeopathy, an alternative medicine which has won millions of converts worldwide yet is roundly rejected by the scientific establishment.   Unlike conventional allopathic medicine, homeopathy is designed to treat the deeper root of illness with an infinitesimal dose of something similar to the original cause.  Allopathy generally treats the symptoms with a strong dose of something very different, effectively suppressing the disease.  Homeopathy treats disease as a necessary process and cures by supporting this process and hastening its conclusion.


These different approaches are not the source of modern science’s scepticism.   Treating like with like, the meaning of the word ‘homeopathy,’ has a respected tradition in medicine.  The problem for modern science is the infinitesimal doses homeopathy uses.  They are so small science declares there is nothing there.  By all physical measures they are right.  A homeopathic pill would have to be the size of the Earth to contain one molecule of the active ingredient !  This is at the lower level of dosage.  At the more potent, higher levels this might approach a pill the size of the Sun, a million Earths for one molecule.   This is ridiculous.


Tens of thousands of doses later, homeopathic pharmacies are still using the same single extract of snake venom collected in 1827 by Konstantin Hering for the remedy, Lachesis. 


Yet homeopathy works, and works extremely well.   Very often when all else has failed it will cure chronic complaints permanently.   It does this on the basis of very physical ‘provings’.   Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, began by observing the effects of quite excessive doses of various herbs and other natural substances on himself and others.  He noted the correspondences with the symptoms of disease.  After taking pure extracts of these various substances, he dramatically diluted them with progressive additions of water while ‘potentising’ them with vigorous shaking or ‘succussion’.  


This process continued until it reached a minimum stage where no physical trace of the original ingredient remained.  It could then be further rarefied (diluted) and potentised to achieve more powerful strengths or ‘potencies’.  In this form it has been used with great success in innumerable different cases where the symptoms of the disease match those of the original proving.  It has become a subtle and proven science yet modern science rejects it out of hand.


Science likes to protest homeopathy’s sugar pills, which are used to carry the vital dose, are nothing more than placebos, working like faith healing, using the known power of the patient’s faith in the efficacy of the medicine. This august response does not stand up to serious scrutiny but it panders to prejudice.  If this were so, placebos would be more widely used for they have a remarkable success rate and the homeopath could use any remedy with equal success, whereas success depends on not a little skill.  In fact homeopathy succeeds in a climate of widespread scepticism not at all conducive to the ‘placebo effect’.  Besides, placebos cannot work on animals. 


Homeopathy is used widely on animals and is now the only form of medicine sanctioned by the Soil Association, the strict UK regulatory body, for the treatment of herds and flocks, cattle and sheep, in organic farming. (What this implies about allopathy is another issue.)  This is a major industry and organic husbandry is worth tens of millions of pounds annually.  Disease has always been a major problem in farming and farmers could not jeopardise their animals’ welfare or justify substantial homeopathic vets’ bills with ineffective treatments.  In fact they report the virtual eradication of conventionally endemic problems like mastitis in cows, using homeopathy.


Clearly the active ingredient in homeopathy is very active indeed.  But it is not physically active.  It is not physically present.  It has been refined beyond a physical presence.  Far beyond even a hint of fragrance.  Beyond even a single molecule.  It has been refined to a meta-physical presence.  The trace remaining can only be the merest spirit, a mere memory, of the original substance.  A very powerful spirit.  There is no other explanation. 


For modern science this is no explanation at all.  It is a nonsense.  There is no such thing as a spirit, a metaphysical presence.   When the theory is unacceptable, the evidence is simply inadmissible.  Eminently missable.   The two sides just carry on regardless of one another.  Homeopathy ignores modern science in favour of what works.   Modern science ignores homeopathy and what works, in favour of its mantra of materialism.


Science would say it has ‘a priori’ knowledge there is no spiritual dimension.  It has long ago made up its mind on the evidence, or lack of evidence.  A priori knowledge means previously established facts.

Proving a negative, proving something does not exist is notoriously difficult, virtually impossible.  But modern material science blithely and unanimously assumes the non-existence of the spiritual realm, of God, is a long established fact, a priori.  Just as a flat Earth and the Sun’s motion around the Earth were incontrovertibly established long ago. So many venerable gentlemen cannot be wrong.  Not in these enlightened times ! Human nature has evolved dramatically in the intervening centuries, surely.


Homeopathy provides one of the most convincing demonstrations possible of the reality and nature of the metaphysical, spiritual dimension. The higher spirit energy within every physical substance.  It also provides the clearest demonstration of the power of this energy and, implicitly, clear evidence of our own spirit, which one must presume is the level at which homeopathy treats us.  Equally it demonstrates the close connection of our spirits to our physical health.  All natural common sense which many doctors and old wives have intuitively taken for granted for centuries and more.


The fact modern material science is unable to recognise this evidence says very little about homeopathy.   It speaks loudly and eloquently on the shortcomings of modern science and its dogmatic commitment to the limits of the physical.  Its arrogant and selfish disregard for the vital concerns of the people who ultimately fund it so generously.


Of course this is deeply ingrained human nature with an age-old tradition.  This is precisely the attitude of the disbeliever so roundly condemned in the Gospels, choosing death rather than life.  In the realm of medicine, widely rejecting the benefits of homeopathy, this choice is repeated in more ways than one.

Doctors still swear solemnly by Hippocrates, the father of medicine in ancient Greece (about 460 - 377 BC, a contemporary of Socrates and Plato.)  Here Hippocrates suggests some of the original tradition by which they swear, a tradition which has been sadly lost, but not forever :


“A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician ... There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy.”  


The metaphysical and spiritual dimension has not always been divorced from medicine.


An obvious application of this knowledge is suggested by the modern epidemic of cancer.  The frequently untraceable causes of this disease appear to owe a great deal to the modern plethora of poisons to which we are daily exposed, from the air with its man-made radioactive residues, fossil fuel pollutants and much more, to the food we eat, regulated by lax standards which protect ruthless multi-million pound industries.  Even the water we drink, very often.


Beyond this there has always been a profound recognition of the emotional sources which can cause cancer.  It is not a coincidence it shares its name with the most emotional of zodiac Signs, a name which goes back to the ancient Greek culture of Hippocrates when medicine and astrology were ‘close bosom-friends.’  Cancer is the Sign of the Moon, the Sign which rules the centre of our emotional life, our ego, our most personal feelings. 


In a world of increasing alienation and emptiness, where personal feelings are devalued and sacrificed and the usual well-springs of humanity are running dry, experts are beginning to point to a solution which is outside the usual caustic cocktail of modern science’s ‘wonder drugs’ and ‘wonder technology.’   We are belatedly beginning to look holistically at a more fulfilled life experience.  Naturally, if life is not worth living ….


Millions of bereaved families give generously to the cancer research charities but some areas are beyond their interest.  It is said prevention is better than cure.  It has been said “A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician ...”


Bringing It All Together in the End

The battle between Darwinism and Creationism is just one battleground in a war which has been running too long.  Modern science is largely responsible for the current Christian reaction but equally Christianity’s historic pride is largely responsible for science’s antagonism.  Finally we can blame it all on an immature human nature we are steadily evolving beyond.  As Christ counselled humanity almost two thousand years ago, we must learn to love our enemies.  We’re still not very good at it but if Christ’s advice isn’t a statement of great faith in human evolution, we have no hope.


Science does not have all the answers any more than religion did when it ruled the roost.  Both are victims of a false dichotomy, a false split between materialism and spiritualism.  One has to deny the value of the other.  It’s as if we cannot recognise they are complimentary opposites.  Two sides of the same join, two sides of every life.  It is two centuries since the mystical poet, William Blake, cried stark shame on this damning division, declaring, ‘The lust of the goat is the bounty of God.’  Appropriately enough in his great ‘Marriage of Heaven and Hell.’


This overwhelming problem in western civilisation has been well represented in the theology of evil, and the portrait of the Devil including his conquest at the End, culminating in the redemption of this earthy spirit in the Assumption of Mary, Eve redeemed.  This issue is presented more fully on Page 23.

The Devil represents rampant materialism, the dazzling cornucopia of the material world which naturally blinds us to the subtler spirits on which our real life depends.  Jesus quoted ancient Deuteronomy, to tell the Devil, ‘It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’  (Mt.4.4) 


We see in our modern material triumph how true this is, how our dissociation from our real, our better selves, beyond our physical needs and desires, has left us on the brink of despair and worse.  The search for meaning in life has probably never been keener.  After all, religion, whatever it may have become, is originally framed to tell us the truth about ourselves, a sort of higher psychology.  If we don’t know these spiritual facts of life, we’re going to fumble and get nowhere.


We have seen modern science becoming almost spiritual in trying to define the ultimate reality of the physical world and still finding it is necessary to reach beyond even the infinite subtleties of sub-atomic physics to new dimensions to try to explain the mystery and magic they have discovered.


At the same time the modern science-based rediscovery of astrology and particularly the astrology and metaphysics of the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah, has given us a science of these spiritual forces which is ready to meet modern science on the objective basis of knowledge and to grow together.


This is one of the prime meanings of the epoch-making Assumption of Mary.  Theologically Mary represents earthly humanity and all the physical element of ‘earth’, as opposed to the spiritual realm of heaven, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, divine, spiritual, fire, water and air.  Her Assumption signifies the beginnings of our instinctive recognition of the spiritual nature of matter, the physical world, and not least, the flesh.


At the threshold of the new age of Aquarius Christianity admits the dawning recognition our physical life is not irredeemably damned, at war with our spiritual natures; all is holy in this world, not just ‘spiritual’ things, our spiritual life. 


Mary is our first mother, Eve, redeemed.  The Assumption, above all, represents a belated recognition the sexual act, so long condemned as ‘original sin,’ can also be the ultimate spiritual union, ‘making love,’ making life, a divine act.  It is a small compensation for centuries of damnation and worse to find womankind are welcomed into the heavenly courts before the male of the species.  For Christ after all had a heavenly Father and a Virgin Mother.  Not theologically quite human.  Some would say the divinity of womankind is pretty obvious.  Of course strictly speaking Mary, the Queen of Heaven, is exceptional, ‘blessed among women.’


This theology is also connected with Man’s sudden understanding of the subtle spiritual nature of matter, not just through the science of metaphysics but through the revelations of modern science.  More shocking even than its theological model, the celestial Marriage of Mary, the Bride, with Christ, the heavenly Bridegroom, we shall see an earthly marriage of venerable metaphysics and his younger sister, modern physics, modern material science.  Their children shall be wisdom, understanding and knowledge brighter than our brightest dreams. 


This may not happen overnight.  Some scientists would say, ‘Over my dead body.’  One day.


We should not underestimate the profound impression the revelations of modern science have had upon the Church and people of all faiths worldwide.  Just as travel can broaden the mind and break down the barriers of xenophobia, understanding one’s enemy generally makes him one’s friend.  Seeing beneath the surface of the flesh and the apparently hard, unyielding, unsubtle shell of matter to the infinitely exquisite dance of sub-atomic particles cannot fail to build a bridge of wonder and respect for those intent on preserving the primacy of the spiritual life.  Just as married priests and women priests must be a vital step in the redemption of Eve’s fleshly temptress.  Celibacy and a male monopoly being ultimately unnatural, tending to an unnatural bias.


Evolution works much better with an unseen intelligence directing events rather than the nonsense of a ‘blind watchmaker’ constructing the most sublime creation conceivable.  That’s just not going to happen, even in billions and billions of years.  Divinely inspired evolution does a better job of explaining what we see and it fits the spiritual facts of life.   Besides, science will work much better if it transcends the petty partisan politics which characterised Christianity’s medieval incarnation.


Christianity for its part will have to recognise God is far more wonderful than the Holy Spirit was able to convey to the prophets of centuries long gone.



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