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The Ziggurat Of Ur Sharing Knowledge between cultures
The Harappans of the Indus Valley were adventurous sailors
  maintaining important merchant colonies in the middle-east from before 2000 BC.
They navigated with a compass dividing the circle of the heavens
  into the twelve sections of the zodiac.
One of the chief Harappan colonies was in the city of Ur,
  Abraham’s city of origin in the Bible story.
The Harappans perhaps gave their sacred alphabet with the knowledge
  of the Tree of Life to the Phoenician traders from Byblos, on the coast of Syria.
From Byblos this alphabet was adopted by the Jews
  who had escaped from Egypt in the Exodus, about 1450 BC.
Like the Phoenician alphabet, the Hebrew alphabet has twenty-two letters.
These letters represent the ten planets and twelve zodiac signs of our heavens,
  the twenty-two sacred Paths of the Tree of Life.
The Christians are the children of Judaism.
The Tree of Life is the secret heart of the Holy Bible,
  from the Garden of Eden in the Beginning
  to the promised City of God after the End.

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