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Heaven Moves in Mysterious Ways

Heaven Moves in Mysterious Ways

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Experience often suggests in the marriage market there are no accidents, we always find our perfect partner.   Sometimes this is wonderfully obvious, sometimes less so.  There is little doubt we are not all made for happily ever after and some are still on the rocky road to paradise.    

Theologically this is the eastern idea of karma, a fate individually tailored for each of us to learn the lessons we need, to be ready for heaven : on earth.   In the west it is more 'common sense.'   In the context of reincarnation, (proclaimed by all faiths in ancient days) this learning process for the soul makes a natural sense and gives us something to do, a life challenge.

From the astrological point of view, it is remarkable time after time to find the close connections between partners' charts, quite scientifically proving the old adage of 'a marriage made in heaven,' whether one chooses a church or a civil ceremony or just love.   And whether or not, in this world, it works.

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