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The Tragedy of Worldly Wisdom

The Tragedy of Worldly Wisdom


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In Greece tragic dramas, made to elevate our attention to the transcendent message of death, were preceded on the stage by a goat pulling a cart.   Tragedy is derived from the Greek word, tragos, a he-goat.   They seem to suggest the old Goat, the old Devil, pulls the inexorable, rumbling, trundling, crushing chariot of Time.

We see in our own time, the juggernaut of materialism crushes everything in its path and this is a great tragedy as the insistent spiritual insights, bursting ever and anew through the heavy tarmac of worldly pressures laid on us all, are flattened again and again and destroyed by incessant traffic of business imperatives.   These are the insights which might have turned us towards a brighter, safer, sustainable future instead of the hopeless suicidal future we recklessly pursue.

A tragedy indeed, both on the grandest scale of humanity's tomorrow and our everyday miseries, broken homes and forsaken hopes.

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