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Dead Sea Caves Saved Secrets of Jesus' Birth

Dead Sea Caves Saved Secrets of Jesus' Birth


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The cliffs and cave where a large cache of the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

The discovery of the Scrolls was a precisely timed revelation for the End of the World and the new age of Aquarius, the Water-Carrier, the age of revelation: ‘that the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.’ Rev. 10.7.  Like many revelations, we have been slow, perhaps reluctant, to grasp the Scrolls' true significance.

Treasure hunters have searched the Scrolls for a ‘smoking cross’ to link the killing of the Teacher of Righteousness to Christianity.  Orthodox commentators, from religious studies departments throughout the scholarly world, have ever and again stressed the differences between the Essenes and the early Christians.  The two cannot be the same.

The possibility, acclaimed by the very first Scrolls scholars, that the similarities point to a ‘parent sect’ for early Christianity, requires we prefer an organic, natural origin for our faith and abandon the wonderful, incredible Nativity : choirs of angels, a wandering Star, an Immaculate Conception and various historical myths.  We know the Slaughter of the Innocents certainly never happened and even Nazareth probably didn't exist at this time. Quirinius’ census which was supposed to bring Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem was historical but was held ten years after the death of Herod, in 6 AD and was unlikely to have involved people leaving their homes.

Religious studies are not yet ready for a wholly rational approach to Christianity.  Scholars are not yet ready for a credible Christianity.

The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal an extraordinary story full of marvels : Jesus Christ was born the Immaculate Conception of the Essene magi, a divine inspiration planted in a young, virgin Church.  Mary is still identified with the Church in Catholic theology.  The Essenes, the Holy Ones, bore the torch of God’s Messiah for two centuries to give us his story and his message, blessed by a celestial destiny, as a beacon for half the globe over two thousand years.   The story of the historical Messiah is one of acclamation and assassination, a message of love and forgiveness and the story of an incredible resurrection, testifying to the spirit within, testifying to the conquest of death.

By the grace of heaven, the events of a tiny nation, and one man’s mission, rejected by his own, have grown to offer us perhaps our best hope of salvation in the dire straits we find our world.

More extensive Notes on the Dead Sea Scrolls

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