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Kabbalah Man

Kabbalah Man

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Ancient metaphysics has always recognised the basic principle of the macroscosm within the microcosm more directly, and more subtly, than the physical parallels of cosmology and sub-atomic physics.   The close association of the planets with different parts of the body is the basis of the ancients'  close association of medicine with astrology, championed particularly by Hippocrates, the father of medicine in the fifth century BC, and during the Renaissance by the renowned French pioneer and prophet, Paracelsus.   A parallel, equally venerable but strangely reversed association of the Signs of the zodiac with the Body is the final illustration for Heaven on Earth.

This is the Traditional Kabbalistic figure of Adam Cadmun, cosmic man, with Blake’s 'child spirit of glory' standing out from his heart in ecstasy.   These planetary positions reflect the Tree of Life but are reversed from his right and left to the positions they appear on the Tree.   The warmth and radiance of the Sun dwells in our hearts, on our left side.

The analytic spirit of Saturn characterises the left hemisphere of our brain while the more holistic inspiration of Uranus rules the right lobe.   The psychic centre of the cerebellum, at the back of the head, with its close association to the Crown chakra, is ruled by the profoundly sympathetic spirit of Neptune.   Pluto is associated with the mysterious and wonderful pineal gland and its associated 'third eye' chakra.

These notes will be expanded.

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