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Horus and Set, Good and Evil in Egypt

Horus and Set, Good and Evil in Egypt


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Set and Horus : Set with an ass’ head and Horus with his hawk’s head – the ancient symbol of the perpetual duality and war of good and evil, the battle of the planets, the spirits of Saturn and the Sun within every breast, every suggestion, every cell.

After many millennia (this Egyptian image probably goes back at least five thousand years) Revelation promises an end to this costly confrontation.  We shall learn to love our enemy : the materialists to recognise the reality of the spirit, the spiritual to recognise the exquisite, living spirit which is all matter, all physical forms.  The fertile union between these two formidable foes will produce a race of rare prowess, a truth of irresistible beauty.

It has been a bitterly fought war, long and bloody, both sides deep in denial on their day, when they held sway.   But this brutal duality, this fratricidal dynamic, has been an essential part of our rapid evolution : to know the difference between our physical and our spiritual natures before we learn again they are one, before we return again to the Garden once gone.  So we can enjoy the one without neglecting, or denying the other.   So we can enjoy both side by side, each in its own rightful bounty.

Not long now : whenever you're ready !   Don't wait for the others, we all have our own pace, though time and tide may wait for no man.

These notes will be expanded.

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