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Death Where Is Thy Sting, oh Grave Thy Victory ?

Death Where Is Thy Sting, oh Grave Thy Victory ?

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The ministers of Heaven watch over us at every moment : are we only to realise this with terrible regret in the last scene of all ?

Death has always had the reputation of the moment when all is revealed and by all accounts, we will not be disappointed. Numerous verified reports of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) insist we can trust the fact these accounts are all remarkably consistent, almost invariably by people who have never heard of the phenomenon. Typically people remember the experience of leaving their bodies (an OBE or out of body experience) and floating up near the ceiling while they observe the frantic efforts of doctors and nurses to revive them, generally hoping they wont succeed. It is their memories of exactly what went on, what was done and said in these situations when they were ‘clinically dead,’ which make these NDE accounts so impressive.

The outstanding feature is simply this revelation of our immortality, our immortal Spirit which survives quite happily without our bodies, all faculties intact, if not heightened.  The body is often seen as an unwanted restriction, a prison.

The most famous feature is experience of one’s whole life flashing before one’s eyes, gently confirming nothing is too insignificant in life, everything matters and everything is recorded – within one’s own heart.

One such account recalls the experience of great regret at the ‘failures of love and humanity’ which were highlighted in this ‘fast forward’ flashback and yet the consoling assurance ‘this is how it had to be,’ ‘it couldn’t be helped.’  This fits insight and understanding to the theology and logic of fate and the story goes on to tell of an impression of profound forgiveness, essentially based on this understanding and finally the strong message ‘everything is as it should be, as it must be and it is all part of a great Plan, it will all be alright.’

I repeat this singular account, including details which are not widely recalled, because they do chime precisely with the theory, the theology and they make sense.  If everything is ruled by fate yet we have free will to do as we wish, it is only natural we should accept our sins are forgiven in the end, regrettable as they are. Equally, if everything is all arranged by Fate, it makes sense it should be arranged for the best.

This too is only the conventional theology embraced by all faiths and endorsed by the ancient science of astrology which recognises an overriding goodness among the beneficent qualities of the supreme spirit of the Sun.   Just as every heart strives for good only we tend to have different perceptions of what this involves : we do not always share the clarity, foresight or equanimity of God.


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