Christ and Neptune, Lord of Pisces, the Sign of the Fish, Wine, Sacrifice and Holiness

All ancient faiths were based on the oldest science, astrology : the influence of the planets.  The planets were the gods in Greece and Rome, Egypt and Babylon, India, Scandinavia, S. America ….  Our current world faiths originated in the same ancient world. It should be no surprise to find they are also all based on astrology, all recognising One God.

Christ is a portrait of great Neptune, the higher, divine dimension of this spirit, beyond the personal astrology of the horoscope.

This recognition, based on the Kabbalah, gives us the rational, credible, scientific and multifaith understanding of God we need in modern times.  It strongly supports the message of the Bible, especially the Gospels, the message of love and peace but avoids the literal simplifications of fundamentalism.

The Tree of Life is the basis of the Kabbalah, the esoteric Tradition behind the Bible.  The Tree is quite clearly an astrological map of the solar system with all the planets and Signs of the zodiac.

The Tree of Life reveals astrology at the heart of the biblical Tradition, from Genesis (3.22) to Revelation (22.2) where its astrological character is confirmed, as too its role within Christianity : ‘The Tree of Life which bare twelve manner of fruit [the twelve Signs] and yielded her fruit every month.’ [The monthly cycle of the moon through the zodiac.]

Neptune rules the Sign of the Fish, the Traditional symbol of ChristianityNeptune is identified with wine, holiness, suffering, sacrifice and Pisces, the age of Christianity.

Neptune was the god of the fish and the seas and Christ is constantly associated with the Sea of Galilee and fish.  He guides his fishermen disciples to a miraculous catch, walks on the water and calms a dangerous storm.

Christ is repeatedly ‘the true vine’ and the lord of the vineyard. Wine is his special sacrament, symbolising his blood. Many more Kabbalah images throughout the Gospels confirm this identification.

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